Breadman Bread Machine Reviews

Breadman Bread Machine Reviews:

Are you a bread lover and a baking enthusiast? Oven-fresh baked products cost a lot of money and in-store bread may not be of good quality. If you make your own bread, you have to dedicate your time and effort to mix the ingredients, knead the dough and bake.

Aside from that, you need to prepare the ingredients and cooking equipment and clean your kitchen afterwards. Bread making sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Good thing there’s the Breadman bread machines!

Breadman is an excellent brand of bread machines with sturdy construction available in many variants. Here are three of the best Breadman bread machine models that are popular in stores today:

Breadman TR520 Programmable Bread Maker | Breadman Bread Machine Reviews

Do you have a bread-loving family? This Breadman TR520 Programmable Bread Maker is a great addition to your kitchen appliances. It’s a programmable bread machine that has a capacity of 1-, 1 ½, and 2- pound loaves.

You can conveniently make breads according to your taste preferences and nutritional needs because it can handle your favourite healthy recipes such as cinnamon raisins, honey wheat, rosemary, rye, cranberry, cheesy onion focaccia and classic French rolls.

You can choose from any of the three crust colors light, medium and dark and from eight different functions to make a wide variety of bread and dough. The unit also comes in a delay timer up to 13 hours so you can wake up in the morning to hot bread ready to be paired with your coffee, or come home to a freshly-baked personalized bread recipe.

Other features include a signal bell, removable lid, viewing window and a non-stick pan for easy clean up.


  • 8 functions
  • Programmable
  • Crust setting
  • Viewing window
  • Removable lid
  • Non stick pan
  • Signal bell
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Up to 2 pounds of loaf
  • 13 hour delay timer
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Hard to read labels

Looking at the features of Breadman TR520 Programmable Bread Maker, it can be summed up that it is a good buy. Apart from having 8 settings, up to 2 pounds capacity and a 13-hour delay timer, it can also process different healthy ingredients for healthier bread for the whole family. Plus, it has a signal tone to alarm you to when to add fruits and nuts. It’s easy to clean, too, because of its removable lid and non stick pan.

Breadman Bread Machine Reviews | Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2-Pound Convection Breadmaker

The Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2-Pound Convection Breadmaker is another high-quality bread machine from Breadman because It’s made of sturdy stainless steel and processes low carb, gluten free, fruits, nuts and even herbs. It has over 300 pre-programmed recipes who wouldn’t like that? With this bread machine, you can conveniently customize your recipes into healthier, more delicious bread.

You can choose to make your crust crispier because it has a convection bake function and you can choose among the three crust colors light, medium, dark. You can bake bread up to 2 pounds and it has up to a 24 hour delay timer.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Up to 2 pound capacity
  • 300+ pre programmed recipes
  • 24 hour delay timer
  • Convection bake function
  • Crust color setting
  • Kneading paddle
  • Keep warm feature


  • Poor paddle

This square-shaped, sturdy stainless steel Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2-Pound Convection Breadmaker is a good addition to your kitchen appliances. Serve your family instantly with healthy breads because it can also process gluten-free and other nutritious ingredients. Choose from over 300 pre-programmed recipes! The paddle also comes attached to the power cord of the bread maker but it is short.

Breadman Bread Machine Reviews | Breadman BK1050S 2-Pound Professional Bread Maker

You can now have your favorite freshly-baked bread with the Breadman BK1050S 2-Pound Professional Bread Maker. It comes with 14 different functions that include artisan dough, jam, low carb and gluten-free. It is equipped with a 15 hour delay timer, accommodates 3 loaf sizes and crust settings. The paddles are great – exclusive and collapsible. It also has a fruit and nut dispenser for more convenience.

It comes with a collapsible measuring cup, adjustable measuring spoon and recipe book for more choices of bread recipes. One more important feature is that it’s an easy, non-space hogging kitchen appliance because it only measures 16 by 18 by 12 inches.


  • 14 bread functions
  • Healthy bread recipes
  • Fruit and nut dispenser
  • 3 loaf sizes
  • 3 curst settings
  • Compact
  • Collapsible paddles
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoon
  • Recipe book
  • 15 hour delay
  • 2 year limited warranty


  • Small for 2 pounds

What makes the Breadman BK1050S 2-Pound Professional Bread Maker is its 14 bread functions, collapsible paddles and 2 year limited warranty. Your family will have an instant healthy, freshly-baked bread in your home. It saves you money in the long run because you don’t have to buy from commercial bakeshops.

The only drawback is it may not be big enough to accommodate a 2 pound loaf. Try it now risk-free with a 2 year limited warranty.


Surely, Breadman bread machines are great addition to your kitchen to make your home living more convenient and excellent. Your family will love oven-fresh bread anytime. All of the Breadman bread machines are multi-functional, have delay timers, crust color settings and accommodate up to a 2 pounds loaf.

However, among them, the Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2-Pound Convection Breadmaker stand outs because it has over 300 pre-programmed recipes! This feature is perfect, especially for busy households. Plus,it comes with a 24 hour delay timer and a sturdy stainless steel construction which make the unit last longer.

Choose now which Breadman bread machines you like and make your home living more comfortable and satisfying. Having freshly-baked bread and its aromatic scent transforms a home into a lively and heavenly place to live in.

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