Bread Machine Buying Guide

Bread Machine Buying Guide:

Making tasty bread at you home doesn’t have to be a difficult task at all, that is, if you have a good quality bread machine. However, with a plethora of bread machines on the market, choosing the best one for you can be a bit confusing. That is why, before even considering buying a bread maker, you have to learn a thing or two about these machines. This buying guide will give you all the right info in order to help you find just what you need and want, so keep reading.

Bread Machine Buying Guide – Size

First of all, you definitely need to think about the size of loaves of bread you want your bread machine to bake. Most of them are capable of baking bread from one to three pound, which is ideal for both small and big families.

What Else Can It Make?

Well, depending on how much money you are willing to spend on a bread machine, it will enable you to bake different kinds of dough, such as gluten-free, raisin, French, rolls, pizza, croissants and basic of course. So, if you only want a bread machine for baking classic white bread, you can find the one under $120. On the other hand, if you love trying out numerous bread recipes, look for the bread machine that comes with lots of settings and baking modes.

Will It Stay In Place?

One more feature that you definitely want to look for is whether your machine will stay in place. Meaning, some cheaper models tend to move around a lot, which surely is not a good thing. So, look for the bread maker that is sturdy and won’t move all over the countertop.

Non-Stick Inner Pan

Another thing you want your bread machine to have is a non-stick inner pan. This will prevent dough from sticking to the sides of the machine and will definitely make cleaning a whole lot easier. Some pans even come with stay-cool handles, to ensure you don’t burn your hands when removing the bread from the inner pan.

Kneading Paddles

As far as kneading paddles are concerned, there are different shapes and sizes. Some bread makers come with only one kneading paddle, while others have dual kneading paddles. Needless to say, the second option is far more efficient as dual kneading paddles will mix dough almost as good as a stand mixer would.

In addition, you should check whether kneading paddles can be removed. If they can’t, your bread won’t look very charming, since it will have a hole at the bottom.

Bread Machine Buying Guide – Noise

When it comes to the noise, you have to realize that bread machines will make some OR much noise. Naturally, cheaper models make much noise, while expensive ones will make far less noise. So, when buying a bread machine, make sure to read reviews and see whether it is very noisy or just a bit.

Easy-To-Read Screen

Even though this feature is important, we don’t quite pay attention to it (until it’s too late). In case you don’t plan on spending a half an hour trying to read and select menu modes, loaf size, and an ideal program, look for an easy-to-read display.

Automatic Dispenser

Another handy feature a high-quality bread machine have is an automatic dispenser. Thanks to it, the ideal amount of ingredients will be released at the ideal time, making your bread super delicious.

Programmable Options

As mentioned, the more features and settings a bread machine has, the pricier it’s going to be. But, if you a bread lover, investing in a high-quality machine that comes with a lot of programmable options will definitely pay off in the long run.

Obviously, programmable features will give you the complete control over the processes of baking the bread. You get to choose whether you want to knead the dough without actually baking it, or perhaps you want to bake the dough without first kneading it, you can set for how long you’d like it to bake or knead, etc. Moreover, you can choose the ideal crustiness of your bread, thanks to a handy crust setting. This setting gives you the option to choose among light, medium or dark crust.

Delayed Timer

Do you love to eat fresh and warm bread the first thing in the morning? Or maybe, you and your family like freshly baked bread for dinner? Then, look for a bread machine that comes with a delayed timer. With this handy feature, you will be able to add the ingredients before leaving your house, or before going to sleep. After adding the ingredients just set the timer to start baking at what time best suits you, and fresh and tasty bread will be waiting for you. Isn’t that amazing?


You know that irritating beeping sound that some stoves and machines have? Well, that’s exactly what your bread machine should come with if you want to make bread with nuts, or raisins. This feature is very important for if you add nuts and raisins right from the start, they will be crumpled because of mixing cycle. On the other hand, when your machine “beep” you’ll know that it’s time for adding these ingredients.


Contrary to what most people think, the size of a bread machine doesn’t have anything with the price going up or down. So, no need to worry about that. But, what you should think about before buying a bread maker is how much settings, cycles, modes, etc. it has. You can get a good bread maker at a reasonable price, or you can pay much more and buy a machine that comes with all the bells and whistles. Either way, you get what you pay for.

Final Thoughts

Well, folks, that’s all when it comes to choosing a good bread machine for your needs. Now that you know what you want out of your bread machine, choosing the perfect one will be a breeze! So, buy a quality bread machine and make the most delicious bread for you and your family.

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